Wetland – Stakeout app for customizable data-entry form design

Design your own point-and-shoot data entry form

Design your own point-and-shoot data entry form

We are pleased to announce the release of the Wetland – Stakeout app for the Apple iPad. The focus of this app is to provide you with the ability to create your own data entry forms for recording supplemental data in the field, in the office or at home.

You will find this app handy whether you wish to put together a simple order form, invoice form, a job contract with a signature field, or a data collection form with predefined descriptions for recording GIS information. As an example of data entry and report form design, we have constructed a form based on the “Wetland Determination Data Form – Arid West Region” provided by the US Army Corps of Engineers in the document titled “Regional Supplement to the Corps of Engineers Wetland Delineation Manual: Arid West Region (Version 2.0)” dated September 2008. This form contains built-in logic as well as formulas for performing automatic computations. If you are currently using this paper form to assess wetland, you can use this electronic form as it is. If you work in some other regions, you could modify the form and the predefined plant species to meet your needs. This form and the Requisition Form, which has also been built-in, serve as examples that you could follow to design your own data collection form. And if you have questions or comments, support@cmtinc.com is only an email away.

The Wetland – Stakeout app also provides Feature digitization and GPS Stakeout functions. You can digitize the work sites in a map job or import the Features from Shapefiles or DXF files. You can then use the Stakeout function to help you get to the test sites and record the observation data. Now that the iOS devices are able to work with some external sub-meter GPS receivers, one could also record fairly accurate location data for the actual job location. After completing the data entry, you may send the report to a PDF file and email it back to the office.

A video presentation is available on youtube.

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