Grid mesh, grid points and grid lines

Grid Points Topic

“Some fuzziness as to why the Grid is part of Non-Spatial ? When I’m trying to go back in and fine tune the map. e.g. the size of the ‘grid points’ … i have a difficult time isolating them and finding font size for them.”

This comment was sent in with regards using the Create Grid function in Forester GPS GIS II.

The Create Grid function provided by some of our apps will create a grid mesh drawing over an Area Feature. Such a grid mesh belongs to the Non-Spatial Data Topic as it is not a Feature per se. Some users just use the grid mesh as a general reference.

If you intend to use the grid mesh nodes or the grid mesh lines as Features that you can assign symbol/pattern to or to stakeout to, then you will need to create the Points or Line Features based on the grid mesh. You can do so by marking the “Create Points from Grid” or the “Create Lines from Grid” check box in the Grid Property dialog. The corresponding Topic layer will be created, and you can work with the Features on the Grid Points or Grid Lines Topic layer the same way as with the other Points and Line Features.


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