Features delete themselves?

“Having an issue with features just randomly deleting themselves. I have a shapefile of a polygon as a background and that seems to stay no problems but twice now I have gotten back at the end of a field day and the points i have taken during the day simply disappear with no mention of the original shape files. I am saving the Job but I haven’t had a chance to export the new features yet as shape files. Is there any way to recover this data or stop this from happening?”

This was sent in as a comment on iCMTGIS II. As other users may also find themselves in the same situation, we are giving this issue higher visibility by putting it in a blog post. In fact, we’ve talked about a similar situation a couple years ago, but this iCloud trap is one that is really easy to fall into. Currently, iCMTGIS II, iGPSGIS II, Utility Data Collection, Farming GPS GIS II and Forester GPS GIS II provide iCloud file storage capability.

If you have multiple units that use the same Apple ID, please be careful when sharing job files on iCloud. Suppose you and another user have the same iCloud job loaded on your devices that use the same Apple ID. iCMTGIS II and iGPSGIS II will reload the job on your device when the other user “Save”s the job. Then the data in your job will be overwritten by the other user’s data. There is not a way to recover the points that have been overwritten.

To avoid this from happening, please use different job names or store the jobs locally by un-marking the check boxes provided under Main Menu – Setup – iCloud. As the data synching happens automatically whenever you select iCloud job file storage in the app, the best bet is to use a different Apple ID on each device. On the other hand, iCloud storage is a blessing if you have off-line background map to share with other users.

By the way, to find out which files are stored in iCloud and which files are stored locally on your device, first select Main Menu\Job\Email Files. Turn on/off the “on Cloud” option in the Email Files dialog to see the corresponding list of files.


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