Transferring a Stakeout iCMT job file from iPhone to iPad

“I made a test digitized area on my iphone (iphone 6 running ios8.01). Then wanted to transfer that file to my ipad. When I open the file in my ipad (ipad 4th gen IOS 8.1), the area doesn’t show up that I created on my iphone. Running Stakeout v1.0.2 on both devices. When I’m crawling through brush and trees in the woods, it is so much easier to put the iphone in my pocket than to carry my ipad around.”

The .pmp files for the iPad and iPhone versions of Stakeout iCMT are interchangeable, but an open job cannot be transferred.

Before transferring a job file from the iPhone, first save the job then select another job. If there is not another job file, you can create a new one. Now the first job is closed, and you can send it to iTunes then load it onto your iPad.

Similarly, before saving a job file from any of our apps to your PC, first select some other job file so the file you wish to transfer is closed. Alternatively you could close the app then do the file transfer.


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