Questions about recording Nested Points

1. How to have all of my nested points go to the same Topic layer?

Please follow these steps to record a Nested Point:

I usually use a Feature List with a job so I will be able to select a Feature Topic instead of having to manually enter the Feature Topic name exactly as it should be.

Suppose we are using the cmttut.pmp sample job that comes with the app, and I select Park as the Feature List to use with this job.

To collect data for an Area Feature, such as Parking Lot, I’d tap on GPS at the top and tap on New. (Line Feature works in the same way.)

For the Feature Name I’d select Parking Lot and the Log Mode: Dynamic (By Time Interval) with 1 sec intervals.
I’d tap the Store button to start recording the Area Feature.

To record a nested point, tap on the Nested button. I can select a Point Topic, such as Tree, from a drop-down list. The mode to use is Static. After tapping on OK, I’d tap the Store button and occupy the point for 20 seconds to complete the recording of that point.

When done, the app will prompt me if I want to continue with the line/area feature or record another nested point. When I tap on Continue, the app records the next node for the Parking Lot Area Feature.

The next time you use Nested to record a nested point, be sure to select Tree as the Topic if you want the new point to be in the same Topic layer as the first nested point.

2. Is it possible to add comments to each nested point? I have to traverse engineered roads and enter side slopes road prisms etc. which we are supposed to enter into the point data, but this does not appear possible with the program currently.

Yes, you can add a description or comment to each nested point just as you would while recording any other Point, Line or Area Feature. The beauty lies in the Feature List.

As an example, you could use the park.fbr Feature List that comes with the app. Tap on the Main Menu icon, select Job then select Current Job. Select the Job that you wish to work with, or enter a new Job name. For the Feature List field, tap the little down-arrow then select “park”. Tap OK.

With a Feature List associated with a Job, you can select one of the Feature Topics in the Feature List to record data and do not need to enter the Feature Topic Name. For example, I selected Parking Lot in the above example for recording a nested point. Please try it.

Then you can set up your own Feature List that contains the Feature Topics with which you work often. The Feature List function is on the GPS menu. You can define the Topic Type (Point, Line or Area), how long you wish to record GPS fixes at one point, what Attributes to record, the pre-defined Values for those attributes, etc. This makes it easy to select a description while collecting data instead of having to type in the description by hand. Once a Feature List has been created, you can associate it with any Job to facilitate data collection.

So, for your Feature List, you would create a Point type Feature Topic for use with your nested points, and add the following Attributes:

Side Slope

You can add frequently used values as pre-defined Values (such as road names) for each Attribute. So, while recording a nested point, you’d simply select the appropriate road name for the Road Attribute instead of having to type it each time.


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