Google Earth Pro available for free

You can now download Google Earth Pro for free from

You do not need to sign in to download. For product key, simply enter: GEPFREE

As you know, you can use PC-GIS PRO to launch Google Earth and capture a geo-referenced image for use as background map for your Feature data. You can also convert this image into a portable image file (*.pim ) to use as background map in the iGPSGIS II, iCMTGIS II, Utility Data Collection, Forester GPS GIS, Farming GPS GIS, Forester GPS GIS II and Farming GPS GIS II apps. You can also use PC-GIS PRO to export the Features from your job file to a KML file to display in Google Earth. Google Earth Pro provides high-resolution images.

Please note:
1. As Google Earth Pro doesn’t register itself to registry, you will need to first install Google Earth then install Google Earth Pro and have both software programs on your PC. You will also need to run Google Earth Pro before starting PC-GIS PRO to launch it.
2. Our applications only work with 2D georeferenced maps. Please make sure the two check boxes in the Terrain section under Tools/Option/3D View are turned off.


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