Do you have a simple users manual for figuring out acreage. I am a farmer and I am trying to measure the acreage of various small plots on my iPhone.

The iGPSGIS II app for iPad comes with a Help document under the Main Menu. We also have this document in PDF format that is available upon request.

You can use the GPS data collection function in the iGPSGIS II app to walk the boundary of each farm plot while recording GPS fixes then have its acreage displayed. The app will also let you record other information with each plot (such as the crop name, year planted, etc.). The Feature List (Feature attribute/value database) provides a convenient way to tag Features with pre-defined relevant information during GPS data collection, but it is not necessary to have a Feature List to do a data collection job. The accuracy of the area obtained this way will depend on the accuracy of the GPS receiver used.

Alternatively, if you are able to identify the plots on the displayed Apple Map, then you could zoom into the map, digitize the plots and have the acreages displayed. Please see this tutorial that describes how to digitize a Feature.

See also:

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