Sweden needs help

“We are trying your app iCMTGis II for ipad but we use the coordinate system SWEREF99TM is it possible for us to project in this system so that we can use our own shapefiles from ArcGiS, i.e. do your program convert shapefiles or do we need to change the coordinate system and how do we do it? Secondly we have major difficulties to import shapefiles, eventhough we can see them in the app in Itunes, they do not show up in the import.”

1. Coordinate system
In ArcGIS, please switch to a standard coordinate system (such as LLA or UTM) then export the Shapefiles. In iCMTGIS II, set the coordinate system to be LLA or UTM accordingly. Then import the Shapefiles into iCMTGIS II.

If you wish to use the SWEREF99TM in iCMTGIS II, you could use our PC-GIS PRO 09 software to set up a user-defined coordinate system then copy the user_cor.sys file (with the file name in lower-case letters) from your PC to the documents folder for iCMTGIS II on your iPad device.

2. Shapefiles import
Please make sure all the associated files have been copied to the Documents folder for iCMTGIS II (*.shx, *.shp, *.dbf, *.prj). The file names should be in lower-case letters and numbers. The procedure for importing Shapefiles are discussed in our blog article at:

Also, please check your iCloud setting under Main Menu/Setup.
If the check box for Job is marked, the app will look for the .pmp job files and the Shapefils in iCloud storage. To see the files in your local documents folder, please un-mark this check box then tap the OK button.

The above information also applies to the iGPSGS II app for use on the iPhone.


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