Questions about Wetland – Stakeout 1.0.1 beta-test version

“I have been going through the program and so far it is exactly what we have been looking for! “

This user submitted a few relevant questions that may be of interest to other users/testers of this app. The questions and answers are posted below.

1. “Is there a way to use the trimble data with the program? We want the accuracy of the Trimble if we can somehow use that data instead of the data collected by the gps in the ipad. “

If you can export the data collected using the Trimble data collector in Shapefiles format, then you can copy these Shapefiles to the Documents folder for the Wetland – Stakeout app then import them into the Wetland – Stakeout app.

2. “Do you have a way to associate photos with the waypoints?”

The current release of Wetland – Stakeout app does not provide the function to attach photos to a waypoint. However, you can include one or more photos in a report form that you prepare using Wetland – Stakeout. We will add the function to attach photos to a Feature in the next release.

3. “…. the wetland determination form for the AGCP. In the hydrology section on the first page all of the primary indicators are listed but not all are available on the right side of the split screen where I select them. Is this something that is resolved in the paid/full version?”

If you hold the iPad in Portrait orientation, you will see all the check boxes. When you hold the iPad in Landscape orientation, please swipe to the left to see the remaining check boxes.

4. “Also, in the same section under ‘Field observations’ when these are populated the section to the right labeled ‘Wetland hydrology present’ also will populate based on what field observations are checked. Is this something that happens in the full version?”

With respect to “Wetland hydrology present”, the result sometimes depends on other additional user observations. Therefore, we leave it up to the user to mark the appropriate box.


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