Forester GPS GIS III for iPad released

We are pleased to announce the release of Forester GPS GIS III.

In addition to the functionality of the Forester GPS GIS II app, this app provides the following additional capabilities:

1. Additional data import and export formats

You will also be able to import and export data in Excel and KML formats.
Point Features can be imported and exported via a text file.

2. Contour / Volume

You will be able to create a contour map based on elevation or an attribute.
The contour information will enable you to compute volumes.

3. Load GeoTiff image

You will be able to load a Geotiff image for use as background map.
Such a background map does not require wi-fi connection.
The .tif map image can be used in the Moving Map mode for data collection.

4. Classify

You will be able to classify the Features and place them on sub-layers.

5. Insert or delete nodes

Now you will be able to modify the shape of a Line or Area Feature.
by deleting some nodes or adding some nodes then moving the nodes.

6. Go to and Sort

Jump to a Feature record by specifying the search criterion.
You will also be able to sort the Features based on an Attribute.

7. Report statistics

You will be able to view the statistics for a numeric Attribute of a Feature.

8. Batch delete by text file
You will be able to delete specific Feature records based on a text file.

9. Disconnect Feature

You will be able to easily disconnect Line or Area Feature into Points.
You will be able to disconnect a Line or an Area Feature into Lines.
You will be able to disconnect an Area Feature into two sub-areas.

10. Join Features

You will be able to join Points into a Line or Area Feature.
You will be able join two Lines together to form a new Line.
You will also be able join two Areas together to form a new Area.
(This function replaces the Combine function of Forester GPS GIS II).


8 Responses to Forester GPS GIS III for iPad released

  1. byron says:

    Greetings, All …….. I use my II release mostly for rather mundane tasks, other than formation of a cruise grid and the stakeout function. QUESTION: is there anything within II, or III, to use solely as an app to find total tree height ?? If not, do you folks recommend a stand-alone app. I know II has the ‘leaning tree’ which I haven’t studied ?? Is this , or ‘that’, the answer to my question ?

    • cmtinc says:

      Hi Byron,

      The Leaning Tree function will compute the actual tree height (total length) from the measured tree height input if you also enter the horizontal distance to the tree.
      Is this what you are looking for?

    • byron says:

      The question is : where am i getting the measurement to put in the blank box i.e. ‘height’ ?? Do I obtain the tree height using my pocket clinometer, OR, does Forester II have a built in capability to measure height ??

    • cmtinc says:

      Thanks for the clarification. Our iOS apps do not provide a function to measure tree height. That could be part of a timber cruising app, which we have not developed for the iOS devices. We do have a timber cruising data collection program for use with Windows Mobile PDAs.

    • byron says:

      Sad …. thought you folks were all Apples ?? Seriously ….. no one thinking of putting that into Forester GPS GIS III (3) ??? !! You’ve already got the BA prism worked out for it …. the clinometer shouldn’t be a bit step. Could definitely maybe provide some impetus to go from 2 to 3 ….. then again , 3 is heads up with being able to break lines …… give us the clinometer, please !

    • cmtinc says:

      Yeah, even with our timber cruising data collection program for Windows Mobile PDAs, we do not provide the function to use the PDA to measure the tree height.
      There are many apps available for iOS devices for measuring distances and heights. Measurements taken with such apps are not as accurate as measurements taken with standard tools.

  2. says:

    Min interested in trying this app. Is it available for iPhone? Also, do you have any videos showing it in action. I have been using Garafa GIS apps for a couple of years but they have been glitchy, of late.


    • cmtinc says:

      Hi Jamie,

      Forester GPS GIS III only works on the iPad, but our iCMTGIS III will work on the iPad and iPhone devices.
      Please see the following blog post listing the additional functions provided by iCMTGIS III over the iCMTGIS II GPS/GIS data collection functions.

      There is a video showing how to digitize a Point, a Line and an Area Feature

      What functionality are you looking for in the app and what would like to see in action in a demo video?

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