Is it possible to load a PDF to view in iCMTGIS III?

Yes, you can use iCMTGIS III to load a PDF file to view. A number of our other apps (such as Forester GPS GIS II/III and Farming GPS GIS II/III, Wetland – Stakeout, Deed Calls & Stakeout, Partition & Stakeout, Utility Data Collection, Stakeout iCMT) also provide this capability.

First, copy the PDF files from your PC to the Documents folder of the iCMTGIS III app (e.g. via iTunes).
To view a PDF file within the iCMTGIS III app:

1. In iCMTGIS III, open a job that contains some Features.

2. Select Menu/Job/Export/Export to PDF.

3. Tap on the View File check box.

4. Select the PDF file you wish to view.


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