Will Partition & Stakeout for iPhone help keep me on my property?

” . . . . . , need to cleanup the land of fallen trees. It’s to make forest fires less likely. I know where my property stakes are, but they are not easy to find, or keep track of. There is no line of sight to the other property stakes because of the tree’s and mountainous nature of the property. I don’t have the coordinate information, and I would probably have to talk to the county to get it. That seems like a lot of effort, considering I can find the property stakes. I want to know if the Partition and Stakeout for iphone will help keep me on my property. I would be without internet access on the property. “

If you have the Latitude-Longitude coordinate information for a stake, you can enter them into the Partition & Stakeout app to create a Point Feature.

Alternatively, if you will be able to visit each stake, you could stand at each stake and use the Pick GPS function to record an approximate location for the stake using Partition & Stakeout on your iPhone.

After you have created the points for the stakes, then you can use the Stakeout function to help you revisit each stake. Once the points have been created for the stakes, they are easy to keep track of.

You do not need Internet access to use the GPS on your iPhone. The display of the points representing the stake locations are also independent of Internet access.

Generally you will need Internet access to use the Apple Map as a background map. However, while you are in your office with Internet access, you may be able to zoom into the area in which you will be working and have the Map cached for use while you are out there.

If you are able to identify the approximate property boundary on the background Map, then while you are in the office with Internet access, you could digitize it. (See  video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cDcLfkgtsgs) The display of the Area Feature does not require Internet access. Therefore, you could use this as an approximate background reference while you try to locate the stakes.

Please note that the accuracy of the GPS in your iPhone determines the location accuracy of the point you get by using Pick GPS. If you need to be absolutely sure that you are not cutting any tree outside your property, it’s best to use a rope to fence it out after you have found the stakes. Alternatively, you could use a really accurate GPS receiver that is compatible with the iPhone, but that will be an expensive solution.


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