How to move a Topic layer within the list of Topics

In general, you will want your Point Topic layers placed above the Line and Area Topics layers. This way they are not blocked from being selected by tapping on Map View.

A number of our apps, such as iCMTGIS II, iGPSGIS II, Utility Data Collection, Farming GPS GIS I & II and Forester GPS GIS I & II, there is a Move Topic function under Menu/Topic. To move a Topic layer, first activate Topic View then select Menu/Topic/Move Topic. You can then tap on the faint handle near the right edge of the Topic to drag it to a new position. You can move one Topic at a time this way.

The newer apps, like iCMTGIS III, Forester GPS GIS III and Farming GPS GIS III, you can simply hold down on any Topic you wish to move and drag it to the new position.

Even if a Point Feature is covered by an Area Topic, as long as the Area does not use a sold color pattern, you will still be able to see it. And, if you know the Feature ID of the Point Feature, you could select it by turning on the Sheet View and tapping on the Feature ID.



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