Use Deed Calls function to locate corner pins

“I have an acreage of a little over 2 acres. It has been surveyed but I have only been able to locate one corner pin, the point of beginning of the legal description. The acreage is rectangular with four sides and only four calls. I have input the four calls. Using GPS, can I use this to walk off the perimeter and locate the other three corner pins by starting at the corner pin which is the point of beginning? If so, how?”

The Create Deed Calls functionality is provided by the Deed Calls – Area – perimeter, Deed Calls & Stakeout, Farming GPS GIS (II/III), Forester GPS GIS (II/III) and iCMTGIS III.

With any of the above-mentioned apps, you could stand at the point of beginning then move the deed plot to align with the actual point of beginning. You can do so by tapping the Pick GPS icon on the Feature Info page. Of course, the accuracy of the point recorded this way will depend on the accuracy of your GPS receiver.

Now that the deed plot is placed in the correct location, you could view your position as indicated by the GPS marker (with GPS turned on) and walk to the other corners on the deed plot to look for the pins. Some of our apps also provide the Point Stakeout function, which could help guide you to each target node.


2 Responses to Use Deed Calls function to locate corner pins

  1. byron says:

    That seemed a bit tedious, or, too complex. I was of the opinion if you had entered the deed ‘calls’, in bearings and distances, then, one could start at any ‘chosen’ point ? Or, standing just about anywhere, select one of the corners, then use a / the ‘go to’ function ?

    • cmtinc says:

      Hi Byron,

      Thank you for your comment. You are right in that you can select any node and use Point Stakeout to help you approach that node.

      This user has entered the deed calls, but has not yet positioned the deed plot at the actual point of beginning. Therefore, the first step is to move the deed plot to the point of beginning on the map. If you know the coordinates of that point, you could manually enter it. If you can identify that point on the map, you could use the “Pick” function to pin-point it. As this user has found the first physical pin, he could stand at that pin and tap the “Pick GPS” button to capture the coordinates of that point as the point of beginning. Yeah, from then on, he could choose any node as his Point Stakeout target. If he wants to navigate the boundary of the property, then he would go sequentially from the first to the last node.

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