Will my GPS receiver work with your apps?

Here is an inquiry about using a specific external GPS setup with iCMTGIS III. “I am using NMEA-BT product from Aman Enterprise company. It is a external module for gps receivers (all gps receiver using NMEA protocol [i am using with Trimble R8]) connecting to iPad via bluetooth and also there is an iPad app bridging between iPad and GPS receiver also provided from Aman Enterprise Inc. So that it treats like built-in GPS receiver with high precision (using NTRIP protocol).”

If the GPS receiver is compatible with the iPad or iPhone device, then it should work with our apps, including the iCMTGIS III.

Now, there are different ways in which an app can work with an iOS compatible external GPS receiver. The basic way is for the GPS receiver to send position information to the iOS Core Location framework and for the app to grab such information from the Core Location framework. This is how our existing apps obtain the GPS position information from the Dual XGPS150, Bad Elf GPS, Garmin GLO, iSXBlue II and EOS Arrow GPS receivers.

Another way is for an app to get the NMEA output stream from the GPS receiver and parse it for the information that it will display. In this case, the app will be able to show the GPS position as well as additional information sent out by the GPS receiver, such as the PDOP, the status of the satellites and the position accuracy. The suppliers of the app and the GPS receiver must work together to make this happen. Currently we are in touch with a few GPS suppliers and trying to incorporate this External GPS functionality in a new app. This will take some time to accomplish.


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