How do you load maps into the application, and is it possible to load a PDF or convert a PDF into a readable format?

iCMTGIS III can load geotiff (*.tif) files.If you have a geo-referenced .tif map image, you can use iTunes to copy it to the Documents folder for iCMTGIS III. Then in iCMTGIS III, select Main Menu\Background Map\Load Registered Image, and then select the .tif file. You must specify the correct datum and coordinate system for the image to load correctly. For example, if a DRG map uses NAD27 Conus UTM Zone 10, then use these settings to load the .tif file.

iCMTGIS III can also load a previously saved job map (.pmp) for use as Background Map.

Our iOS apps do not load GeoPDF map files as Background Map. We do have a software program called PC-GIS that can be used for geo-referencing an image by using a few control points. PC-GIS can also let you capture a geo-referenced Google Earth image and convert it to a .pim file that iCMTGIS III will be able to load. PC-GIS can also load geojpeg, geotiff, *.sid, and *.ecw images and convert them into .pim files.

If you are talking about viewing a PDF file, you can do so by using the View File option under Job – Export – Export to PDF. To do so, first copy the PDF file to the Documents folder for iCMTGIS III. Then select Job – Export – Export to PDF and mark the View File check box. Then you can select a PDF file to view its contents.


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