Is that possible to change the topic of a feature (that exist and in an another topic) in iCMTGIS III?

In PC-GIS X there is a function for cutting a Feature and then pasting it to another Topic. Our iOS apps do not provide this functionality, but there are a couple methods you could use to move Features to a different Topic:

1) Add Point by Coordinates
If you only need to move a few Features, then use Feature Properties to view their coordinates and copy them on a piece of paper. Then you could select the desired Topic and use the Add Point by Coordinates function to add these points. Then you can delete those points from the original Topic.

2) If you want all the Features to be in a different Topic, then simply rename the Topic by using Edit Topic.

3) iCMTGIS III provide functions for exporting and importing text files. You could use this function to move a large number of records.

To be able to re-import the data with proper coordinates, you must add the built-in Attributes Position_X and Position_Y to the original Topic before exporting the Features.

After obtaining the .txt file, you could edit it to remove the records you do not wish to include in the other Topic.
Then you can create the new Topic and import data from the text file.
Then you can delete the unwanted Features in the original Topic.

There is a Batch Delete by Text File function that you could use to delete a large number of records at the same time. So, if you prepare a text file containing the records that you have removed from the data previously exported from the original Topic, that text file could be used as the criterion for the Batch Delete by Text File function.
Please first make a backup of the existing job file on your PC before experimenting with the above functions.


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