Use Stakeout function to find points

“I am looking for a basic Iphone App that will help me find longitude and latitude points on a lot in Mexico. I have the longitude and latitude points. I believe your App can help me draw a map in my phone, then I will be able to find those points in the field. “

Yes, we have several apps that provide the function to locate points with known coordinates. You can use the Stakeout iCMT app to digitize Points, Lines and Areas in a job map over the built-in Apple Satellite map.

The Add Point by Coordinates function will let you create a point by entering its coordinates. The Point Stakeout function can help you get to the points. You can set it up to beep or display a message when you get close to each point.

Please keep in mind that the iPhone GPS is not quite accurate. You will need to use a high-accuracy survey-grade GPS for doing engineering or survey work.


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