Which iPhone app can I use to drive around my property and find the acreage?

We have a number of iPhone apps that can help you accomplish this task.

In the Area – Distance app, the Stakeout iCMT app and a few other apps there is an “Add Area manually” function, which provides a Pick button. With GPS turned on, you can tap the Pick button to drop a GPS node. As you drive along the boundary of your property, you could have someone else in the car tap this button to record the nodes. Tap frequently to get many nodes for drawing the boundary.

The iGPSGIS II and iCMTGIS III apps provide the GPS/GIS data collection function, which you can use to log an Area Feature. In this case, the app will automatically drop a node at the specified time interval. (The default is 1 second.)

After the Area Feature has been created, you can see its acreage displayed when you tap on it. The acreage is also displayed in the Feature Properties screen.

Please keep in mind that the iPhone GPS is not quite accurate.


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