Which app to use for staking out property

“I’m planning to buy a Geneq SXBlue II GPS Receiver. I need to accurately (more or less 1 meter or if possible less) find the border of my plot in forest in France. I have the Lat + Long of my area as per official mapping. Please can you indicate what could be the application for my job?”

Several of our iOS apps provide the Line Stakeout function, which is what you can use to help you walk/drive along the border of your plot.

The first order of business is to display a drawing/map of the property as an Area Feature in the app.

1) If you have the Lat + Long of many nodes along the border of your property, you could enter them then create the property boundary as an Area Feature.

2) If you are able to identify the property on the displayed Apple Map, you could manually digitize the property. The property being in a forest, this is probably not feasible.

3) If you have a drawing of the property in Shapefiles or DXF format, you could import it into some of our apps. You will need to know the coordinate system (UTM or LAT-LON) in which the Shapefiles or DXF was created.

4) If you have a DXF file of the design drawing that does not reference any known coordinate system, but you have the Lat + Long of two or more points (such as the corners) on the boundary, you could create a local NEZ coordinate system then import the DXF file.

The Stakeout iCMT and Partition & Stakeout apps can do the above 1) and 2). These apps can work on iPhone or iPad.

Farming GPS GIS II and Forester GPS GIS II will do the above 1), 2), 3) and 4). These apps are for use with an iPad only.

iCMTGIS III, Farming GPS GIS III and Forester GPS GIS III will do the above 1), 2) 3) and 4). In addition, these apps can let you import a geotiff file to use as an off-line background image. These apps will only work on an iPad.

All of the above-mentioned apps provide the Stakeout functions.

The iSXBlue II GPS receiver is compatible with an iPad or iPhone. Please contact the GPS receiver supplier to inquire about the accuracy that you can get without any additional requirements (such as being connected to a RTK network).


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