Can I transfer Job files in and out of Stakeout iCMT other than using iTunes?

You could use Stakeout iCMT to send the .pmp job files out via email.

When you or someone else opens the email attachment on an iPad or iPhone with Stakeout iCMT installed on it, you may opt to use Stekout iCMT to open the attached .pmp Job file.

Initially, you will see a preview of the Job. You can use Job – Save As to save the Job on the device. Then you will be able to work with the saved Job like any other normal Stekeout iCMT Job file.

Some of our other apps are also able to open a .DXF file from an email (e.g. iCMTGIS III, Forester GPS GIS II/III, Farming GPS GIS II/III). iCMTGIS II/III, iGPSGIS II, Forester GPS GIS III and Farming GPS GIS III also support ftp file transfer protocol.


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