How to line up DXF exported from Solidworks with deed calls in Forester GPS GIS II

NEZ1“I created a Dxf of a forestry thinning plan in solidworks. When I import into your app, I don’t know how to line up with my known deed calls.” “I want to line it up to the NE corner of my deed calls from my title property description.”

To match things up in a map, they will need to refer to the same coordinate system. As the Solidworks data is not geo-referenced, you could use Forester GPS GIS II to create a local NEZ system for it, provided that you have two known reference points or one known reference point and a rotation angle and scale. (Please read the section on NEZ coordinates in the Help document.)

The Feature created from the deed calls in Forester GPS GIS II has GPS coordinates. Therefore, you could use the lower-left and upper-right corners as the Reference Points.

The corresponding points in the image corresponding to the Solidworks design will serve as the NEZ Control Points. You could call the X-Y coordinates of the lower-left corner of the design in the image “100,100”. You should determine the X-Y coordinates of the upper-right corner of the drawing in the image based on the actual design.

After creating the NEZ coordinate system in Forester GPS GIS II, you can open the job containing your deed calls then select your NEZ coordinate system.

Then you can import the DXF file into the job.

If the NEZ was created correctly, the Solidworks data should line up with the deed plot in Forester GPS GIS II. Then you can switch back to LAT-LON if you wish to work in the LAT-LON coordinate system.

(A number of our other apps also provide the ability to create an NEZ coordinate system, e.g. iCMTGIS II/III, Deed Calls Pro, Utility Data Collection, Forester GPS GIS III and Farming GPS GIS II/III.)


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