Shapefiles too large. Is there a way to allocate larger memory to RAM?

It is nice that many government agencies provide GIS data in Shapefile format. However, if they pack a lot of data into one large file, certain computer systems are unable to load the data. For example, your state may provide the land parcel numbers and the associated information such as owners and LAT-LON coordinates for all the counties in one set of Shapefiles totaling about 1 GB. If your iPAd only provides 512 MB or 1 GB of RAM, you will not be able to load these Shapefiles into the GIS app.  You will likely not be able to load them into a unit with 2 GB RAM, either. This is because memory space is needed for storing the files as well as running them.

You can check the RAM size of your iPad by going to this WIKIPEDIA article on iPad and selecting “4. Model Comparison”.
There is no way for you to allocate some storage memory of your iPad to the RAM.

If you have PC-GIS, then you could load the Shapefiles into this PC software program, then select just the land parcel(s) of interest to you and copy them to a new PC-GIS job file. Within PC-GIS, you could remove some of the Attributes that you don’t need. Then you can save the job data to a .pmp file for use in your CMT iOS app. Or you could export the pared down data to Shapefiles for use in some other GIS system.


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