Which app to use for dividing up a piece of land to make paddocks

The Farming GPS GIS II and Farming GPS GIS III apps for iPad provide the functionality to digitize the property boundary and divide up the area by using the Hinge-Cut, Direction-Cut or Split method. In addition, Farming GPS GIS III provides the GPS data collection function that you could use to map out the outline of the property by walking/driving around it.

After creating the paddocks, you could use the Stakeout functions in Farming GPS GIS II or Farming GPS GIS III to help you put in the stakes along the property boundary.

For iPhone users, the iGPSGIS II will let you use GPS to map out the property boundary. You can then digitize the paddocks and use the Move Node function to adjust the paddocks to the desired shapes and sizes The separate Stakeout iCMT app can help you move along the boundary and drive in the stakes.

The GPS on the Apple iOS devices is not that accurate. You will need to get a compatible external Bluetooth GPS receiver. Those providing 1 – 3 m accuracy cost around $100 – $150. Sub-meter GPS receivers are quite expensive.


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