iCMTGIS PRO 1.0.1 released

You might call iCMTGIS PRO the Cadillac of our iOS apps. This app builds on iCMTGIS III and provides Contour – Volume functionality as well as the ability to read the NMEA stream from a number of “External GPS” receivers, such as the Dual XGPS-150A, the Bad Elf and the EOS Arrow.

“External GPS” refers only to those GPS receivers for which the app can parse the NMEA messages. To use any other compatible external GPS, please turn off “Enable the external GPS” check box under GPS setup.

After you have turned on “External GPS” and the GPS receiver is able to compute a position, the app will display a GPS status indicator, such as N3D3, which indicates that the GPS is providing 3-dimensional position and that the PDOP is 3. You will also be able to view the Satellite Status and position errors.

The iCMTGIS PRO and Arrow 200 combo is well suited for doing RTK GPS data collection using the correction data from a RTK network. You will use EOS Tools Pro to connect to the network. With such a setup, the iCMTGIS PRO app will be able to display the RMS error, the age of the GPS differential correction data as well as the differential station ID. This means that Surveyors and GIS field personnel will be able to check the accuracy of the position data collected in real time. In fact, they could also set a limit on RMS such that the system will only record data with errors that fall within the specified limit.

Please also visit the following sites to read our press release:




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