Deed Calls & Stakeout is for entering deed calls to create a deed plot

“i bought the deed calls and stake out app from you guys i am trying to input the points on my property but i am having a hard time with it. on my deed it is in azimuth not quadrant bearings. can i change the settings to azimuth? also i am having trouble just inputing my positions to map out an area, how do i do this?”

As shown in the Help document, under “Setup Units and Angle” you can change the angle setting to azimuth.

Deed Calls & Stakeout will let you enter deed calls to create a deed plot. It does not provide the ability to digitize a point, line or area. The Deed Calls – Grid – Stakeout app provides that capability. So does the Deed Calls Pro app. Our iOS apps are sold via the Apple App Store. If you purchased the wrong app, please contact the App Store and see i f the will let you swap it with the correct app.


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