Satellite image obscured by cloud

“I have your app “farming gps gis” for iPad, and can’t use it effectively as the satellite image for our farm has a cloud obscuring the view. Is it possible to access another layer image which would be clear of cloud?”

Indeed the entire farm was blocked from view by white clouds that one would otherwise be happy to see. Hopefully the clouds will have drifted away when Apple updates the Map images in the future.

Our PC-GIS software will let you convert a GeoTIFF , a GeoJpeg, a .SID or a .ECW map image into the .pim format that you can load into the Farming GPS GIS app to use as a background map. It will also let you capture a geo-referenced Google Earth image and convert it into .pim format.
A PC-GIS brochure can be found at

(This user mentioned that he only uses the app on his own farm, so we captured a geo-referenced image from Google Earth Pro and converted it to a .pim file for him to use.)


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