How to duplicate a Topic structure in PC-GIS, PC-GPS or PC-MAPPER?

“I am trying to copy a topic in the same map file which retains the sheet info. Ex: In my map file I have a Topic named 2016 interplant, and this topic has a sheet with all of the Attributes listed and data entered under each (tree count, $/ Seedling , Specie, so
on…). I would like to copy that topic (polygons, sheet and all attributes) and simply rename is 2016 tree planting. This would save me from creating a new topic and having to start a new sheet which I would have to retype all of the same attributes. Can you help?”

If you just want to duplicate a certain Topic within the same Job but with a different Topic name, you can highlight the desired Topic then use Topic – Duplicate Topic to do so.

After the new Topic has been created, when you add Features to that Topic, the Sheet View will show the Attribute fields.

If you have a Topic structure that you use often, you can make a “master” Topic as follows:

1. In the Job containing the Topic with the desired Topic structure,
click on that Topic in the Topic View panel.

Do Topic – Copy Topic

2. Create a new Job file and name it “Master Topics”.
Do Topic – Paste Topic.

Select Sheet – Setup then rename the Topic.

Double-click the new Topic name in Topic View then use the Cut icon to delete the Features from the Master Topics file. Be careful that you are in the Master Topics file when you do this as you do not want to delete the Features in your original Job file.

3. Do Topic – Copy Topic in the master file then open the job you want the new Topic to reside and do Topic – Paste Topic.
Any new Features you add to this Topic will have Feature IDs reflecting the new Topic Name.

In the same way, you could create other frequently used Topic structures in the Master Topic file. You can then copy the desired Topic structure to any Job file as described above.

After you have saved the Job file in the .pmp format, you can copy the .pmp file to the Documents folder for your iCMTGIS III to collect field data.



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