Custom wetland data entry form

Species List“Regarding the Wetland Stakeout APP: I live in eastern Canada (Nova Scotia) and we use the US form for wetland delineation. Is it possible to use one of the pre-made delineation forms (N.E. US) and make changes to the form to suit eastern Canada (example: change/add to species list, change measurement type [feet to meters], etc).. if so this would have some great applications up here.”

The Wetland & Stakeout app is for recording the location of a Job site and entering the observations at that site into a pre-designed form. It also provides stakeout functions to help the user get back to the same location.

The current version provides the Wetland Determination Data Form for all the USACE Regions. The forms are ready to use. To facilitate data entry, you can modify the vegetation lists so they reflect the plants you usually work with. The Help document describes how you can modify an existing form or build some other specific data entry forms that you might need.

For measuring distances on the displayed map, you can set the unit to feet or meters. For Soil Profile Description, you could modify the form so it shows cm instead of inches.

Normally you would first save a copy of all the electronic forms on your PC. Within the app, you could load a form and save it under a different name then modify the form to suit your application.


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