GPS marker goes to (0,0) after updating app

“After we upgraded our iCMTGIS III to its latest version, v1.1.3, we had two funny behaviors:
1) Two of our staff can’t get GPS right (pointing roughly to 0,0) – other apps on iPad give correct locations; I couldn’t find which setting affected it. So remove the app and re-installed, and the GPS location read right.
2) Google Apple Standard Map slowly refreshed or doesn’t show at all (but satellite image is fine).”

1) We checked into this issue and saw the problem on one iPad after we updated it from iOS 8 to iOS 9.2.1 yesterday. (It worked fine before the iOS update.) Somehow the Datum and Epoch fields under Setup – Coordinates were blanked out. After we selected the GS84(1150)/ITRF00 datum and entered 01/01/2015, the GPS marker was displayed in the correct location. Our app does not let the user blank out the Datum field. It saves this information with each Job. A new job created defaults to the WGS84(1150)/ITRF00 datum. We updated another iPad to iOS 9 yesterday but did not see this issue afterwards. It is possible that the problem occurred in the other iPad because we forgot to close the app before doing the iOS update. Therefore, to avoid strange problems, it is advisable to close the app before downloading a software update or an iOS update.

2) We have occasionally seen the Apple Map refresh slowly or not show in the “Show standard” mode. We think it is caused by the Apple map server network. Switching to Show Satellite then back to Show Standard usually resolves the problem.


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