Wetland & Stakeout provides customizable data input form on the iPad

“Is the mobile app (to be run on an iPad) standalone??? Or, does it require a desktop version or license to set up the job and input forms? . . . Is the mobile app really customizable within itself, or is the setup done on the desktop?”

Yes, the Wetland & Stakeout mobile app is standalone and you can set up the Jobs within the app.

The app is a data input form design app incorporating the wetland delineation data entry forms as an application. The wetland delineation input forms are built-in templates that you can call up and save under the names that you specify. You can modify the form within the app, and you can also design your own data entry form within the app.

Each “Job” in the app is focused on collecting data at one sample point although your site layout can include other map shapes.


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