iCMTGIS III for doing power/light poles inventory

“I am interested in the iGPSGIS however I don’t know much about GIS and I don’t want to spend money unless I know it will work for my application. I want to open a map out in the field and inventory power/light poles, and document their condition, type, height, color and take a picture, as well as get a X,Y,Z coordinate. I then need to save the file and provide it to a City via an ArcGIS layer file. Will your software allow for this? Is it easy? I tried a free trial of ArcGIS and it’s so hard that I can’t do anything. I hope your software can help. . . . How many data fields can I save for 1 point?”

It appears that you are looking for a GPS/GIS app to run on your iPhone.

Our iGPSGIS II app only runs on the iPhone; it does not run on the iPad. Our iCMTGIS III can run on the iPhone as well as the iPad. iCMTGIS III has many more functions than iGPSGIS II.

Both apps can let you log the X,Y,Z coordinates of power/light poles and document their conditions, type, height and color. Both apps can export the Feature data as Shapefiles for use in ArcGIS.

iCMTGIS III will let you take a picture and link it to a Feature, while iGPSGIS II does not provide that functionality. Also, iCMTGIS III will let you load a GeoTiff map to use as off-line background map.

I am attaching a copy of the Help documents for iGPSGIS II and iCMTGIS III so you can make a comparison. Many customers come to us because our software is easy to use.

As you can see, you can set up many fields in the Feature List to facilitate data collection.


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