How to mark points in the field

“Could you please give a refresher as how to physically mark points in the field from points on my Ipad using Stakeout iCMT? I have the points saved in the program on my ipad, but I’m not sure how to go to the field, turn on the GPS and walk to my different points on the ipad to lay out field flags.”

Stakeout iCMT provides two stakeout methods when GPS is turned on.

1. You could use Point Stakeout to help you go to each point that you select. Under Stakeout Settings you can set the tolerance distance to have the app alert you when you get close to the position to be staked using Point Stakeout.

2. You could create a Line Feature by connecting all your points into a line in the order that you would like to visit them. Then you would select Line Stakeout, select the Line Feature that you have created, then let the app guide you along the line. When you are at the desired node, you can put in the stake.

If you like, you could tap the Store Result button to store the location of the actual stake point. The accuracy of the stake point depends on the GPS receiver you use.

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