Questions about iGPSGIS II

“I have a few questions about your Iphone apps. I have a couple of copies of PC Mapper AI and I’m thinking about getting one of your apps. I’m not sure which one to get – I have a few questions/needs:

1) Is your CMT basemap is available for Canada?
2) If it is not, can I build maps in PC-Mapper and use the FMPs on PC Mapper?
3) For now what I really want is the ability to work on my own shapefiles. I’m planning a survey of ground nesting ducks on islands. I will be using randomly selected 30m wide strip transects that will be searched. I have prepared shape files of the strip transects and I’d like to be able to display the shape files on the GPS. I was thinking of trying out the iGPSGIS II app for this. Maybe I would also use it for collection of data. Would this app work for this?
4) I’m thinking about getting the Dual XGPS160. I’ll be working at about 50° latitude – do you think it would be possible to to have accuracy within a metre or so here.”

Thanks for considering our iGPSGIS II app for iPhone. Following are the answers to your questions:

1) CMT Basemaps are only available for USA.

2) You can make .pim files in PC-MAPPER AI and use them in iCMTGIS II as off-line background maps. You can make .pim files from loaded Geotiff, GeoJpeg, ECW and geo-referenced Google Earth maps. The function to use is Utilities – Mobile Device Interface/Conversion/CE Image Converter.

3) iGPSGIS II will import and export Shapefiles. It will let you log GPS data for Points, Lines and Areas.

4) Some of our customers use the Dual XGPS-150A, which claims 1-3m accuracy. Please contact Dual for technical details for the Dual XGPS-160.

5) The .pmp job files are interchangeable between iGPSGIS II and PC-MAPPER AI.


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