Need app for lime spreading

“We are looking for a app that can assist us with our lime spreading operation……the app we are looking for would enable us to overlay a map with grid lines, these grid lines would ideally run North/South and East/West, and would need to be able to be adjusted/calibrated to suit the coverage width of our spreader, the app would then create a track that shows what areas we have covered.”

Our iCMTGIS III and iCMTGIS PRO for iPad and iPhone will let you directly load a GeoTiff file to use as a background map. These apps can also display the built-in Apple Map when wi-fi connection is available.

Farming GPSGIS II for iPad will display the built-in Apple Map via wi-fi connection. If you have PC-GIS X, you could use it to convert GeoTiff, MRSID and ECW map files to .pim files that can be used by Farming GPSGIS II as background maps.

You can use the above apps and a compatible GPS to record the perimeter of the area you will be working with. Or, if your farm boundary can be clearly viewed on the background map, you could digitize its perimeter. This will create an Area Feature. Then you can create grid lines over the Area Feature at the desired spacing in the North/South and East/West directions (or any other direction).

The above apps also provide a Line Stakeout function that can help the spreader stay on the grid lines.

With GPS turned on, you can use the app to create a track that shows where the spreader has been. This will be a Line Feature.

The important issue, however, is the desired accuracy. The GPS provided with iPhone and iPad devices are not accurate. Many of our customers purchase an external GPS receiver that is compatible with the iPhone and iPad devices. The Dual XGPS-150A and Bad Elf GPS claim 1-3 meter accuracy. iSXBlue and EOS Arrow GPS receivers can provide submeter accuracy, but they are pricey.


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