Use iCMTGIS PRO to export date and time of the collected points

DateTime-512“We need an export file that contains the collected data along with the date and time of the collected point. Is that possible?”

For the points recorded via GPS data collection iCMTGIS PRO and iCMTGIS III will let you add the date, time and coordinates as Attributes for the associated Feature Topic. These Attributes will display in Sheet View, and they can be exported to Shapefiles and text files.

So, within iCMTGIS PRO and iCMTGIS III, you can have the time, date and the coordinates displayed in Sheet View by doing the following:

1. In Topic View, select the Point Topic of interest.

2. Select the Topic Menu tool then select Edit Topic.

3. Tap the Add button to add a new Attribute.

4. Tap the down arrow then select UTC Date (or Local Date as the case may be).

Repeat to add UTC Time and any other Attribute on the built-in Attributes list.

iCMTGIS II and iGPSGIS II will only display the data/time information in the Feature Properties screen. However, if you have the companion PC-GIS software, then you could add date, time, coordinates and other built-in Attributes to the Topic structure and display and export such data. The function to use is Sheet – Setup.


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