“Can’t open the session” in iCMTGIS PRO when used with EOS Arrow

“I went into Setup -> GPS, enabled the external GPS, chose Eos GNSS Receiver as the device and com.eos-gnss.positioning as the protocol. When I saved these settings and used the GPS menu to Turn External GPS On, iCMTGIS Pro gave me the error Cant open the Session.”

The correct protocol for EOR Arrow GPS receivers is:

The iOS device will automatically use the internal GPS if you turn on GPS within an app while no external GPS is connected. Therefore, you will want to have the external GPS connected first before selecting “Enable the External GPS” then tapping on “Turn External GPS on” under GPS.

Also, when any app is using the internal GPS, iOS cannot work with an external GPS connected to the device. Therefore, to make use of the connected external GPS, you will want to turn off GPS from all running GPS apps (including the one you are actively using) then turn on GPS within the app you are actively using.

If the “Can’t open the session” error has already occurred, you will want to close the app then restart it.

“OK that was it. I got a document from the company (reseller) that sold me the Arrow that instructed me to use the wrong protocol. I think at various times I was running into both this issue and the another application is using internal GPS issue, but now I know the correct sequence and everything appears to be working fine.”


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