Is there a way to turn my job map into a geo-referenced image?

You could use our PC software to create a geo-referenced image in GeoTiff format as follows:

1. Transfer your .ppmp job file to your PC then open it in PC-GIS, PC-GPS, PC-MAPPER, CMT-SURVEY or CMT-Forester 10.

2. Select “Utilities/Geo-Image/Save to Registered Image”. Specify a file name then drag the dialog window out of the way(to the left side) then click on Save. This generates the .tif and .wdf files. Close the job.

3. If necessary, load the image file by using the “L” icon, then use “Utilities/Geo-Image/Crop and Save Image” to crop the image.

4. You can use the Register Photo/Image function (the R icon) to create the .twf file for the .tif image.

Click on the R icon then select the .tif file that you created.

Click the “Create TFW” button.

5. Now you have a pair of .tif and .twf files that go together as a geo-referenced image that can be recognized by many other software programs.


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