Wetland & Stakeout updated

The Wetland & Stakeout app has been updated to version 1.0.2.

This update fixes a crash problem that occurs when user taps rapidly in a drop-down list. Some users enter data intensively into a spread-sheet component and want to be able to quickly get back to the spreadsheet. Now the app will let them so do. It will also bring up the last data field accessed in the spreadsheet. If you have tapped the “Hide report form” status for a given form, the updated app will remember that.

This app differs from our other GPS/GIS apps in that it provides the user the ability to set up a custom data entry form to collect data at a particular location. The spreadsheet component can be used to advantage for recording data for diverse applications. The built-in wetland delineation data forms contain a number of spreadsheet components. In a similar way you could incorporate a spreadsheet to record observation data for fishery management, tree harvest audit, equipment rental, you name it, and put in some logic to produce the needed report form with the result of the analysis. It does take some efforts to set up the form initially, but once completed, the form can be used over and over again or easily modified.


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