Feature Attribution in iCMTGIS III

“When we start collecting data by Collect button a separate window is displayed to the bottom of the screen, showing our added field names, but when we store a point, there is no data seen in that table, however if we use the table icon at the left top of the iCMT, the data is present there, this may give a bad impact if this is without reason.”

The Attribute fields you’ve added to a Topic are for tagging any Features in the Job file.

The Attribute fields for GPS Data Collection need to be defined in a Feature List, which you can associate with any Job file.

When you do Job – Open Job, you will see the Feature List field. Right now it’s probably showing “NONE”. You could select the built-in Feature List “utilities” (in iCMTGIS III) to work with and collect data for the Features defined in that Feature List.

To make your own Feature List with your own Features and Attributes/Values, please select GPS then select Feature List. Here After you select “New”, you can define the type of Features (Point, Line or Area), the data collection parameters and the Attributes and predefined Values for those Features.

While you collect data using the Feature List, you can select or enter the Attributes for the Feature being recorded. These Attribute/Values will display in Sheet View at the bottom of the screen (if you have activated Sheet View display by tapping the Sheet View icon on the right side at the top.)

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