Is the Prevalence Index automatically calculated in Wetland & Stakeout?

Following are a few recent Q&A’s concerning the Wetland & Stakeout app:

1. Can the APP be set-up on a project basis so that each data form for the project has all background information filled in only once (information on the top third of page one of each form)?

You could fill in the information for a project then save it as a template with the name of the project. To do a new data form, call up the template then save it with a unique name for the data form.

2. Is the APP created with the various Corps Regional Supplement areas in mind such that it can be used in any region of
the U.S.? (Your screenshot is of the Arid West Region so I am wondering if it is practical to use in the eastern U.S. because we require more spaces/lines for listing vegetation species).

The app comes with templates for all the US Army Corps regions.

You can edit the vegetation species list according to your needs.

3. Is the Prevalence Index automatically calculated (screenshot shows Dominance Test is automatically calculated)?

Yes, the formulas are built in.

4. In what format are forms exported?

The forms are exported as PDF files.


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