How to get Point ID exported to AutoCAD

“… it seems that the ID name did not come through into AutoCAD. I have the X, Y, Z and feature ID but not the ID we assigned the point in the program.”

How did you assign the ID to the point in the iCMTGIS II app?

With your point topic selected, please Tap on the Topic Menu icon (second icon from the left side) then select Edit Topic.

Tap the Add button to add an Attribute named PID, for example then tap on OK.

Turn on Sheet View (the last icon on the right side).
Now you can double tap a record then tap on the Attribute button to enter the point ID.

Alternatively, if you add this PID field to the Feature List you are using for this Job, then you can enter your point ID while you are collecting GPS data.

The same is true for the Utility Data Collection, iGPSGI II, iCMTGIS III and iCMTGIS PRO, Farming GPS GIS II/II and Forester GPS GIS II/III apps as well as PC-GIS.


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