What data will iCMTGIS PRO export to DXF?

“We want to see how all the data we can gather in the field will translate via. DXF file into AutoCAD.”

They would like to know how lines with elevation and coordinate points at the ends and bends of the lines will transfer to AutoCAD via a DXF file with respect to the coordinates, Attributes, symbols, line styles, and boundary hatch areas.

The DXF format does not accommodate symbols, line styles and area patterns.

The 3-dimensional coordinates and Attributes will port over if you mark the check boxes for “3D“, “In Block” and “With Attributes” in the DXF file transfer screen of our apps that provide DXF export functionality.

To create a line with points at the ends and bends of the line, you would first record the Point Features, then join them into a Line Feature. The Point Features and the Line Feature will be on separate layers unless you have marked the check box for “Export to one layer”.


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