Do you offer a trial of iCMTGIS PRO app so we can test it and make sure it will support our workflow before purchasing?

Sometimes, before making a new release, we may provide a TestFlight version that you could install and test for a limited time if you provide us with the Apple ID for your device. The Apple TestFlight app can only run on iOS 8 or later. The TestFlight version will stop working at the end of the TestFlight period or when the official app update is released, whichever comes first.

Currently we do have an iCMTGIS PRO TestFlight version. If you are interested, please send us an email indicating your interest and also include the Apple ID for your iPad or iPhone device. Apple will use that Apple ID to email an invitation to you to try the software app.

Comment from a user trying out iCMTGIS PRO:
“Thank you very much for your emails answering my questions. Your product and your service is excellent. I tired and dropped 2 other mobile products, as they had neither a finished product, nor timely support (iGIS and GIS PRO).

I had success for my first trial of CMTGIS pro and have been learning the function using your manual and my ipad air2.”


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