Running PC-GIS 9 or PC-GIS X in Windows 10

Many of us have reluctantly upgraded our PC’s operating system to Windows 10. Some PC users were badly surprised when they found out that Windows 10 sneaked in without their being aware of it. Still others had to replace their PCs with new ones that come with Windows 10.

The current release of our PC-GIS 9 and PC-GIS X software programs are compatible with Windows 10. If you install an older release of PC-GIS 9 or PC-GIS X on your new PC, you may see an error message about missing a “rapi.dll” file. In fact, Windows 10 needs this file plus the ceutil.dll file. You can get these two files by sending an email to to request them. Or, you could download the current installation package from our ftp file, which includes these two files.

PC-GIS 9 can work with the .pmp Job files and the .fbr Feature List files saved in iCMTGIS II and iGPSGIS II, while PC-GIS X is compatible with iCMTGIS III, iCMTGIS PRO, Forester GPSGIS II/III and Farming GPSGIS II/III. Shapefiles are interchangeable among all of the aforementioned apps.


4 Responses to Running PC-GIS 9 or PC-GIS X in Windows 10

  1. Jeff Walker says:

    PC-GIS X question, when transferring from another operating system, does CMT’s app recognize old data imported into the new folder hierarchy?
    To explain, I would like to copy archival TIF, PIM, SDS, GoogleEarth and KML.
    Do these files need to be stored in the Root directory, or can the File be desgnated?
    Currently GIS-X is unable to find the Google Earth imagery.
    Thank you for your attention to this question.

    • cmtinc says:

      Hi Jeff,

      How were the files organized when you attached them to the Jobs on the old Windows PC?
      If they were stored under specific folders, then you should keep the same folder hierarchy on your new Windows 10 PC.
      Keep in mind that files copied via a CD can acquire a “read-only” status. Please check the file Properties screen and un-mark the read-only check box. Also, please make sure you have the privilege to read and write to the folders and sub-folders on your new PC.

      Is it possible that you did not copy all the files related to the Google earth images? If the images were saved as .jpg files, the corresponding .jgw file (jpeg world file) or .wdf (CMT world file format) need to be copied into the new folder as well. Without the world file, the image is not geo-referenced, and you will see the file name when you un-mark “Georeferenced Photo/Image only” when you attempt to load the image into Map View.

  2. Jeff Walker says:

    I see now the following procedure for installing Google Earth may be applicable:

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