Importing DXF exported from Wetland & Stakeout into ArcGIS

“I am having some trouble exporting usable mapping data collected with the Wetland Stakeout App. I have several points, a line, and a polygon that mapped accurately in the field using a sub-foot GNSS receiver Bluetooth connected to my IPAD running Wetland Stakeout. I know the points mapped accurately because before going to the field I loaded the air photo of the site into the APP and all the data looked very accurate while collecting. In addition, I can use the Feature Properties to view the lat/long of each feature and those are as expected. Back in the office I opened the JOB file on my IPAD and exported the data DXF and then emailed the exported DXF to myself to view in mapping software (ArcGIS). When I open the files they have no set coordinate system and fall in on the wrong part of the globe. I have tried defining their projection using ArcGIS and that fails. The Attribute Tables associated with the exported DXF point, line, and polygon files have no location data associated with them. — (1) Am I missing a simple step that allows me to establish a projection/coordination system that carries through the export? (2) Is there a way to export the collected mapped features as KML, GPX, SHP or some other routinely used mapping file? Thanks again, in advance for answering my questions. You folks have been great with your responsiveness to support questions.”

1) The DXF format does not store coordinate system information. Therefore, in the software that you use for viewing the data, you want to select the coordinate system in which the data was saved in order to have it interpret the coordinate values correctly.

Wetland & Stakeout stores coordinates in the WGS84 LLA (Latitude-Longitude-Altitude) system. Please select this system in ArcGIS then open the DXF files created by Wetland & Stakeout.

Also, if the distance unit in Wetland & Stakeout is set to FEET (US Survey Feet), then please select the same unit in ArcGIS.

The user replied: “That worked for me. I just set ArcGIS in WGS1984 with Lat/Long and the exported DXF files dropped in exactly as I thought they would. Thanks again!”

2) The current version of the Wetland & Stakeout app only exports Feature data to DXF. Some users also have our PC-GIS 09 software, and they are able to open the .pmp job file or import the .DXF file into PC-GIS 09 then export in various formats, including Shapefiles, KML, GPX and text files. By the way, Wetland & Stakeout does not provide the ability to load a geo-referenced background map (like Forester GPS GIS II/III, Farming GPS GIS II/III and iCMTGIS II/III/PRO do). The user was most likely using the built-in Apple Map for background reference.


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