Can I use Contour – Volume – Stakeout on its own?

“Can the above mentioned app be used on its own or if it requires supporting software and with an iPad gps or does it require an external gps? Also, can you provide me with a brief description on how to use it, i.e. Can I just walk around the boundaries to create the shape of a paddock then parallel to the fence lines to create the contour map or is it more involved than that?”

The Contour – Volume – Stakeout app can be used on its own with respect to generating contour lines and computing cut/fill volume. However, whether the app is suitable for your purpose depends on a few factors.

As the Help document shows, to generate contours, there needs to be altitude data spread throughout the region of interest. If you have a Shapefile, a DXF file or a text file that contains the needed X,Y,Z data, you can import such a file into the app to generate the contour lines. If not, you could digitize the X,Y locations for which you know the altitude and enter the Z value manually. However, this will be a very slow process.

We do have an iCMTGIS PRO app that provides GPS/GIS data collection functionality as well as the contour, volume and stakeout functions. Using iCMTGIS PRO and a high-precision external GPS receiver (such as the EOS Arrow or the iSXBlue II), you could record the X,Y,Z data for a grid of points within the area of interest as well as the shape of the area. Then you could contour the region. The GPS that comes with an iPad or an iPhone have an accuracy of about 10 meters or worse.

We also have PC apps that will let you load a USGS digital elevation model (DEM or SDTS) data file for use in generating contour lines for an area in the corresponding region. In this case, you will just need to digitize or use GPS to record the shape of the area of interest.



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