Is CMT working towards including the OCRS within the ICMT GIS PRO software?

“I am using the EOS Arrow 200 with ICMT GIS PRO on an Ipad. I am wanting to transform my GPS points to the low distortion projections Oregon Coordinate Reference System. I haven’t been able to create a user defined projection to match the OCRS zones. My questions for CMT: Is CMT working towards including the OCRS within the ICMT GIS PRO software? If so would this be available as an update any time soon? If the OCRS zones are not going to be available for ICMT GIS PRO- would the PC GIS PRO software work to build the OCRS zones to download into ICMT GIS PRO?”

Thanks for using our iCMTGIS PRO. This app has the standard LLA, UTM and State Plane coordinate systems built in. Different states and countries (e.g. SWEREF99TM for Sweden, KTM-KUDAMS for Kuwait) might use different projections. You can use the optional PC-GIS X software to create user-defined datums and Transverse Mercator, Mercaator, Oblique Mercator, Lambert Conformal Conic, Albers Equal Area Conic and Double Stereographic projections. After you have copied the user_dat.sys and user_cor.sys files created by PC-GIS X to your iCMTGIS PRO documents folder, iCMTGIS PRO will let you select the user-defined coordinate system to use.

As the OCRS zones refer to the NAD83 datum, you don’t need to create a new datum.


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