Wetland – Stakeout TestFlight 1.0.4 expired

“I was a Beta Tester of your version 1.0.4. I notice today that the Beta testing period has expired. I would like to use the APP but the Beta version replaced the original version on my IPAD. Any suggestions how I can get it back on my IPAD?”

When a TestFlight version of an app expires, it simply stops working. As you own the software license for the official release of Wetland – Stakeout app, you should be able to remove the Beta Version and download the current Wetland – Stakeout app from the App Store without being charged.

“I assume all of my form data, etc. will remain in the APP. In other words, I assume it won’t be like a clean or new install that has nothing with it that I have already done.”

Please copy all of your data files to your PC as a backup.

Please also read our 11/13/17 blog post at the following link regarding the new form templates:



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