Websites for some GPS receivers compatible with CMT iOS apps

Our iOS apps can work with any GPS receiver that is compatible with the Apple iPad and iPhone devices.

At the following three websites, you can find GIS-grade GPS receivers that claim 2 – 5 m accuracy:

The Trimble R1 boasts 50 cm max. precision.

EOS and Geneq Inc. provide high-precision GNSS receivers.

Many of our customers are using the EOS Arrows series GNSS receivers with our iOS apps. In particular, iCMTGIS PRO can directly interface with the Arrow GNSS to obtain more accurate position data.

The SXBlue Platinum GNSS receivers from Geneq Inc. also work well with our iOS apps, and can directly interface with iCMTGIS PRO. Their SXPAD & SXPRO mobile data collectors can run our Windows Mobile 6.5 and WEHH Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5 compatible GPS/GIS data collection software programs.

4 Responses to Websites for some GPS receivers compatible with CMT iOS apps

  1. Bill Franklin says:

    Is it possible to use iCMTGISIII with the coordinates set to the British national grid? I have an arrow 100 and I’m considering using iCMTGIS with it to mark the location of archaeological features.

    • cmtinc says:

      Hi Bill,

      Our iOS apps (such as the iCMTGIS III) do not have the British national grid built in. One could use our PC-GIS X to perform a 7-parameter datum transformation and also set up a user-defined projection then transfer the user-defined datum and coordinate system to iCMTGIS III. However, the approximation is not very good (maybe 3.5 m – 5 m off). Does your application require high position accuracy?

    • Bill Franklin says:


      I can usually get to around 3m accuracy with a hand held GPS, but I wanted sub-meter accuracy hence my purchase of an Arrow 100. The issue then becomes the software. If I were a professional I could get my organisation to pay fior software that I know does the job, but it is a licence at a ridiculous price. I’m retired and this is my hobby, hence seeking to find something that will work. My preference would be to use BNG (EPSG:27700) but I suppose I could use WGS 84and find work arounds for other things.

    • cmtinc says:


      We now have a TestFlight version for iCMTGIS II available. If you would like to test this app for 2 -3 weeks, we could add you to the testers list.

      iCMTGIS II provides the same data collection functionality as iCMTGIS III and is less expensive. It does not provide some of the functions of iCMTGIS III, such as the ability to load a geotif image as an off-line background map, the ability to add date/time stamp and coordinates as Attributes of a Feature Topic, the ability to import/export points as text files, etc.

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